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Lauren McShane, Cello

Lauren is a cello performer and teacher in the Northwest. She performs regularly with Portland Cello Project, Seattle Rock Orchestra, and Ravenna String Quartet.

Lauren loves to improvise and write her own string parts. After moving back to the Northwest in 2010, she began pursue freelance music making in Seattle. Since connecting with the Portland Cello Project, she has embraced bringing classical music and contemporary music together. She has worked with Macklemore, Sir Mixalot, Laura Gibson, Emily Wells, Grandaddy, and others. She is still connected to her classical roots, working with Seattle Metropolitan Chamber Orchestra and Ravenna String Quartet.   

Lauren teaches all ages and adheres to a teaching philosophy that is grounded in a positive atmosphere motivated by musical, emotional, and technical growth. 



Lauren.m.mcshane AT gmail.com


Capitol Hill, Seattle





Private lessons

Lauren currently teaches beginning, intermediate, and advanced cello students of all ages. With 10 years of experience and a passion for helping students find the joy of playing cello, lessons focus on building technique, musicality, and performance, while also incorporating improvisation and creativity. 

Lauren is currently accepting new students. Contact her at Lauren.m.mcshane@gmail.com to schedule an introduction.


Lauren offers a complimentary 30 minute introductory lesson. This lesson is used to teach the introductory elements of cello such as how to hold the cello, bow, and left hand. Musical and personal goals are also discussed. Come say hello! 

Lessons are recommended on a weekly basis. Parents are welcome to sit in on lessons, and are encouraged to do so for elementary aged children. 


Seattle Rock Orchestra plays Beatles

May 13 & 14, Moore Theatre

Seattle Metropolitan Chamber Orchestra plays Piazzolla

May 19 & 20, Wildlife Refuge

Postcard From the Badlands and Ravenna String Quartet

June 8, Generations Capitol Hill

Cloud Room Sing along Improv

June 30, Cloud Room

Seattle Rock Orchestra Summer Camp

July 9, Moore Theatre
July 16, Kirkland Performing Arts Center


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